how it works

Step one

We help you plan and explain what the technology can do for your company: Our pre-event strategy process will help educate you on what's possible with virtual reality and help you identify ways the technology can help achieve your event goals.

step two

We supply the latest virtual reality technology: We can provide all the equipment you need. Relax, - we will bring everything we need to execute your virtual reality experience at your next event.

Step three

We provide on site to ensure all goes according to plan: Our technicians will be onsite at your event to warrantee your guests have a great experience. They will arrive on time, setup the experience, and execute the event.

What we offer


A VR headset that is designed to utilize room scale technology therefore turning the room into a 3D space through sensors, allowing the user to move naturally and use motion tracked controllers to manipulate objects, communicate and experience the environment in the most natural way possible. Hundreds of games are available for the HTC VIVE through the Steam store.

Escape Igloo

A virtual reality escape igloo is a virtual adventure game in which up to 4 players are transported to places they could only dream of in the past to do things never before thought possible! Their mission is to solve a series of puzzles as a team and finish the game within an hour. We offer 2 games – Cosmos and Mind Horror, each offering a unique set of challenges that you must overcome. You can order our Escape Igloo for company team buildings, birthday parties or any event you can think of.

OCulus rift + touch

Oculus Rift was developed by Facebook and offers a high quality virtual reality experience. Its controllers are very comfortable to use and intuitive to navigate through the VR world, as well as giving you accurate VR hands with which you can pick things up in various games, an option sorely missed in VR.

Playstation VR

Playstation VR offers an incredible gaming experience utilizing world´s most popular console, with games from all genres you can imagine. The headset is comfortable thanks to its vast adjustment options, ensuring maximum gaming immersion. Experience games like Star Wars Battlefront or Batman Arkham. We offer PS VR as a complimentary service for a large order.

Gear VR + s6

The lightest headset out there is designed to feel comfortable and very easy to use. It offers up to 700 apps paired with pleasant and interactive experience. Controls are also well made and enable smooth control of the VR world. Complimentary for anyone who stops by at our place or for large orders.

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